A year in the wholesale markets

Investment at Greenergy

The last year has been a busy one for Greenergy, with major infrastructure projects at former Petroplus facilities on the Thames and at Teesside, combining with strong sales growth.

The company’s 2012/13 sales amounted to 13.5 billion litres, up 24% in volume from the previous year. Chief executive, Andrew Owens, commented: “We have won new business following the administration of Petroplus and also by expanding our supply to independent petrol retailers. We now supply independent dealer owned petrol stations under a variety of different forecourt brands, including Esso and the Nisa convenience brand.”

Greenergy acquired the former Petroplus refinery on Teesside (now named Greenergy North Tees) in July 2012 and began supplying from the site soon after. North Tees has become the company’s second supply location in the area, complementing its petrol blending facilities at the neighbouring Vopak terminal.

Andrew explained: “We can now supply customers from both Greenergy North Tees and from the Vopak terminal at Seal Sands so if ever there is an interruption of supply at one of these sites, we can seamlessly switch customers to the other. This allows us to offer our customers unparalleled resilience of supply.”