Grand designs

Fleet expansion

Yet to experience a full winter heating season, Jordan’s hoping that recent investment in equipment and the fleet will stand the company in good stead. Just over a year ago the company purchased a brand new loading rack from Maine Tankers, which has already proved its worth. In addition to this Jordan has invested in two brand new rigid Tasca tankers (a 14,000 and a 9,000 litre) and an off-road vehicle for winter deliveries in difficult to access areas, which if last year’s bad weather is anything to go by, will be extremely busy.

Mounted on DAF chassis, both tankers are equipped with Touchstar telematics, Fuelsoft back office software, Mechtronic metering and VisiLevel and Collins Youldon reel and hose.

The company has recently built a mini tanker for promotional purposes. Although driveable and identical to its bigger relatives, the tanker, named Minnie, will not be used for making deliveries. Minnie made her debut at the Halifax Show in August, where it received a huge amount of attention – not least of all from Jordan’s 18 month old son, Chace.

Branding the business

Although Jordan has no formal marketing training, he and Stephen have done all the marketing and promotional work themselves. From the eye-catching smile logo, to the bold corporate colours, which have been recently picked out in the company’s newly decorated offices and the mini tanker, Jordan and Stephen have worked hard to get the business to its current position. “I wanted a logo that was friendly, familiar and instantly recognisable so that if you removed the company name, people would still know the brand,” he said.

What’s next?

The website is the next big project for Ingoe Oils. Although the company already has a website, changes are afoot, as Jordan explained: “We have just started using Fuelsoft’s web ordering software which is great but I now want to soften the website and make it more accessible to domestic customers. I use Google AdWords and seem to be spending more each month, which is a good sign as it shows people are clicking on the website.”

At 28, Jordan must surely be one of the industry’s youngest owners but that hasn’t curbed his ambition in any way. “We currently operate a 30-mile radius around Rochdale but I’m keen to move into areas such as Cheshire, where we already have one big customer. I’d like to open a depot in Cheshire in time, and eventually base the business there, whilst still keeping a presence in Rochdale.” Before that though, Jordan is focussing on getting his first full winter season under his belt and by the sounds of it, the company is more than ready to meet the challenges ahead.