Keeping an eye on fuel stocks

“With around 3,000 incidents involving oil and fuel spills reported each year by the Environment Agency, the message is clear,” says Cameron Forecourt’s sales and marketing director, Martyn Gent.

“Regular, planned maintenance is a far better policy than ad hoc repairs that amount to a forced purchase. Major incidents cost the owners of faulty or leaking installations an average of £30,000 each in fines and clean up costs. Fuel supplies need to be both safe and secure and operators need a clearly defined plan for regular maintenance, security and contingency in case of emergency,” adds Martyn.

Cameron’s TLS range is capable of accurately detecting fuel stock depletion. Any unexplained reduction in stock deviations triggers an alarm. By linking to advanced fuel management systems, emergency messages can be sent instantly via SMS to enable immediate action.

The company recommends regular inspections and maintenance – at least annually – to ensure that equipment is maintained in serviceable condition with tanks, pipework and dispense pumps all checked for leaks or potential problems. Cameron also offers comprehensive environmental surveys to assess and minimise risk, check legal compliance and offer the optimum most cost-effective solutions for any necessary remedial work.

More than 30 engineers operate nationwide to provide contract and emergency service to customers with all types of fuelling installation. Cameron aims to have an engineer on site within 8 working hours for repairs and sooner for sites that are out of action or have possible environmental issues.