Fuel treatment for bulk storage

Bulk storage tanks can now be equipped with an innovative fuel quality treatment process thanks to a distribution agreement secured by Oil Tank Supplies (OTS).
Based on E3 PLUS nanotechnology, the process is used to re-energise stored fuel by passing it through a recirculation system attached to the storage tank. Traditional fuel treatment packs supplied by OTS are designed to maintain fuel quality, post-delivery. This is achieved by re-circulating the fuel through two stages of filtration to remove particulates and water held in suspension.
“The significance of this new technology is that we can provide a process which not only inhibits any degradation in quality, it actually reverses degradation, bringing the fuel passed through the system back to freshly refined spec, and restoring its calorific value,” explains sales director, Steve Gain.
“The key benefit of incorporating the E3 PLUS Fuel Performance Unit is that it will eliminate the build-up of sludge deposits. By removing sludge from tanks we negate the customers need for expensive manned entry tank cleaning and the associated health and safety and other downtime issues.”
An in-line device, it houses an insulated chamber specifically designed to reflect and intensify E3 PLUS emissions, altering and stabilising the fuel instantaneously as it passes through. This solution not only helps to prevent post-delivery contamination it also refreshes the product during storage.