Should FPS and OFTEC move closer together?

Designed to boost the oil heating industry, the Oilsave campaign is a joint initiative between OFTEC and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers. Should the two organisations do more together?

Brian Allerton, WCF

In recent times, FPS and OFTEC seem to have been working more closely together and I think this has been to the betterment of the industry. Closer communication must make for a better understanding of each other’s aims and aspirations. After all, we’re all working towards the same goals.”

Mark Askew, FPS

“It’s important that those who represent all aspects of our sector should have the ability to work together in a constructive way, within areas of mutual interest.

“Over recent times the FPS has worked hard to develop good working relationships with its partners in the sector and is currently working on the Oilsave campaign with OFTEC. We’ve also worked with OFTEC on other joint initiatives and will continue to seek ways in which we can operate together to support the industry which we serve.

“We’re already working closer together than we have for some time and are in regular communications at all levels. We also meet to discuss how the relationship is developing and to see if there are other areas in which we can co-operate.”

Derek Wallace, Carrs Billington

“As both organisations are oil related, it certainly makes sense for them to move closer together.”

Jeremy Hawksley, OFTEC

“OFTEC and FPS already work closely together, most notably on our joint marketing campaign, Oilsave, where we are promoting the benefits of oil heating to consumers and working hard to defend our industry – with the support of many others from within our sector.

“Our members share many goals, particularly around the need for a strong and sustainable industry. For this reason, we’ll continue to explore opportunities to work together now and in the future.

“However, while we share many interests we serve different groups with different needs within the oil heating sector. OFTEC believes those interests are best served by having two independent trade associations to focus on and champion the particular needs of their members.”

Mark Nolan, Nolan Oils

“I think the two organisations should work more closely. We’re both representing the same trade, so I think only good can come of working together.” (Mark Nolan was inaugurated as FPS president last month, his tenure of office will be two years)