Dealing with diesel

“We also pride ourselves on supplying one of the latest state of the art approaches for ensuring that stored diesel or gas oil stays free from contamination – the fitment of a fuel polishing system to your fuel storage facility. Diesel Defence fuel polishing systems from IPU Group constantly recirculate your fuel through a series of filters removing water, dirt and other damaging contamination. All Diesel Defence units operate automatically via an inbuilt 24/7 timer and are fitted with a variety of alarms and options to reduce the man-power needed to keep the system up and running. It is always advisable to use our fuel polishing systems in conjunction with a broad spectrum fuel biocide such as PredatorTM.

“As with many jobs, prevention is always better than cure, but IPU strives to make sure that we have levels of fuel conditioning options for every eventuality – from testing to a full tank clean, there is always an option to make sure that your fuel can be kept in its prime.”

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