Dealing with diesel

Andy Hill, group marketing manager, IPU Group
Andy Hill, group marketing manager, IPU Group
All of IPU Group’s fuel conditioning products are designed to preserve the quality of stored diesel fuel. Andy Hill, group marketing manager, tells us more about IPU Group’s products and services, and how they can help preserve the quality of stored fuel.
“As a first port of call, we will always suggest a continuous fuel testing programme to ensure that any issues can be detected as soon as possible.  Our first choice would always be to test on site, which we can offer, with instant results. However, sometimes it’s simply not possible to test on site, or you may need accredited lab standard test results – for these instances, lab testing is always available as a backup, and this is something that we can arrange.
“In doing this, you may find you have a heavily contaminated fuel storage tank.  It is often thought that the only solution to these problems is expensive fuel uplift and replacement, but our fuel cleaning service means that you can have your diesel fuel deep cleaned, in the fuel tank, without the need for fuel uplift.
“We simply blend FastClear FCC® into the fuel then pass it through a multistage filtration process before returning it to your tank.  The FastClear FCC® agent conditions the fuel by combining water, waxes and resins into the fuel in an irreversible process and the filtration process removes dirt, rust particles and biomass created by microbial infection, resulting in clean fuel and fuel system.
“Thereafter, there are then a number of procedures that can be carried out to ensure fuel then stays at its prime. When it comes to preventing contamination, everyone knows that water is the enemy of those storing diesel for long periods. One of the simplest, most cost effective methods of reducing the risk of water in your fuel tank is by fitting a tank vent filter. An effective tank vent filter will remove up to 97% of moisture from air as it enters your fuel tank and is a very simple, cost effective way to ensure that fuel is kept clean and dry.
“Apart from good fuel housekeeping, another easy form of protection you can provide for your fuel is a good quality fuel stabiliser. Our Diesel ADV+ is specially formulated to provide long term fuel oxidation stability for diesel and gas oil, as it controls water content and cleans up your fuel system by removing dirt particles – by using this you can expect to double your fuel storage life for a relatively low cost.

Fuel polishing system

“We also pride ourselves on supplying one of the latest state of the art approaches for ensuring that stored diesel or gas oil stays free from contamination – the fitment of a fuel polishing system to your fuel storage facility. Diesel Defence fuel polishing systems from IPU Group constantly recirculate your fuel through a series of filters removing water, dirt and other damaging contamination. All Diesel Defence units operate automatically via an inbuilt 24/7 timer and are fitted with a variety of alarms and options to reduce the man-power needed to keep the system up and running. It is always advisable to use our fuel polishing systems in conjunction with a broad spectrum fuel biocide such as PredatorTM.
“As with many jobs, prevention is always better than cure, but IPU strives to make sure that we have levels of fuel conditioning options for every eventuality – from testing to a full tank clean, there is always an option to make sure that your fuel can be kept in its prime.”
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