Are fuel tankers ready for CNG?

The UK’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station opened recently in Crewe. Local MP Edward Timpson officially opened the event, which attracted interest from companies across the UK.

A range of cars, light commercial vehicles, buses and trucks which can run on CNG are already on the market but as yet there has been little interest from the fuel tanker market.

The filling station is the largest such facility in the UK, offering a reliable fuel supply with capacity to fill 500 HGVs a day via three fast-fill hoses. The unmanned station will be used initially by commercial vehicles, providing transport and logistics operators in the area with a chance to incorporate CNG vehicles into their fleets.

John Gavin, managing director of CNG Services, which will operate the station said: “The interest in CNG is being driven by the huge cost savings it offers – between 30 and 40% in comparison to diesel – and also because it is much cleaner. There are very significant savings of CO2, NOx and particulates from biomethane compared to diesel. It’s an excellent fuel as it performs well with low emissions and almost no carbon residuals.”