Is the heating oil market threatened by the government’s decision not to support bioliquids under the renewable heat incentive?

Ben More, Moorland Fuels, Devon
“After attending The Oil & Renewable Energy Show in October and conducting our own research, it’s clear that alternative energy sources and government incentives have to be taken seriously.
“As a fuel supplier, we firmly believe that biofuels have a significant part to play in the future as a reliable and trusted fuel source. As such we continue to promote the benefits of fuel oils and derivatives to our customers, while keeping an eye on the impact new technologies are having in our market place and the future thereof.”
Trevor Rolph, Monument Fuels, Somerset
“I don’t think it will have any noticeable effect.  Let’s be realistic – unless there’s some great development in the way energy is generated from oil, which makes it either environmentally friendly or extremely cost effective, we will remain in a mature market.”
Carrie Marsh, Marsh Fuels, Berkshire
“To be honest, I would need a degree to understand the Renewable Heat Incentive in the first place. It does not affect our customer base at present.”
Kevin Bennetts, Consols Oils, Cornwall
“We operate in an increasingly mature market place where the only prospect for any future growth will come at the expense of competitors, who are unable to compete on service. Of course price, as always, will be an issue but the current vogue for mega buying groups will eventually run its course along with the mega distributors who are the next generation of dinosaurs in gestation.
“Someone once said a good little un will always beat a big un. Our aim is to be a good little un, consolidating a rock solid customer base within a clearly defined territory, always getting better at what we already do well and letting our customers judge us on performance. All we need to achieve this objective is a reliable supply of gimmick free kerosene at a competitive price.
“I’ve always viewed biokerosene as a gimmick, cynically promoted by aspiring bandwagon hoppers. Life is already complicated enough, given that further complication will add further costs which the customer will pick up, invariably and almost inevitably to our collective disadvantage.”