Customer service – a top priority

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Oil heating customers receive good customer service from OFTEC registered installers.
“It’s clear that something needs to be done about customer service in the energy industry,” says Charter UK in response to a recent Which? report.
The new survey by Which? reveals the nation’s best and worst energy companies whilst a report by the Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) says the UK’s biggest energy firms are still struggling when it comes to customer service.
Paul Clark, CEO of Charter UK, the enterprise complaints and feedback specialist, said:  “If you look at the top energy companies which account for 98% of the market, none rank above ninth place in the Which? report.
“More damaging still is the CEI survey, which reveals that just 1% of consumers have customer service expectations which are currently being met.  This survey also found that 86% of consumers would be willing to pay more for better customer service.
“These energy giants have allowed a laissezfaire approach to their customers to become standard.  What these surveys reveal is that the smaller, upwardly mobile newcomers to the energy market understand the importance of quality customer service and of getting that service right every time.”
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