Oil theft on the rise

Police in North West Leicestershire say they are concerned about a recent rise in oil theft in the area.
Fuel to a value of £16,000 has reportedly been stolen from properties in Worthington, Newbold Coleorton, Breedon, Lount and Tonge in the last 60 days.
Police have noticed a steep rise in this type of crime occurring whenever the price of crude oil rises and are advising homeowners to take a few simple steps to secure their oil tanks.
These include keeping oil levels as low as necessary to reduce the value of any theft, installing lockable gates and maintaining boundaries and perimeter fencing, hiding tanks from view with shrubs or fences, fitting tank alarms which are triggered when there is a rapid drop in the oil level.
Sergeant Mark Watson, a neighbourhood team leader based at Coalville Local Policing Unit said: “We have noticed an increase in theft from domestic fuel tankers/containers in North West Leicestershire in recent months. As fuel costs increase, this problem may continue until the perpetrators are captured.”