Greenergy puts safety first

Greenergy is installing new equipment at its supply locations to improve driver safety when filling road tankers.
The initiative, instigated following a safety walk involving driver and shop steward Dean Lawrence and Greenergy’s chief executive Andrew Owens, will see drip trays introduced to prevent the potential build-up of petrol and diesel residue in the loading bay area.
Dean Lawrence said: “The drip trays are simple but effective.  By collecting even the smallest leaks of fuel from the loading arms, they help keep the loading area clean and reduce potential slip hazards. These are practical things that make a real difference.
“As senior shop steward for Unite, I’m encouraged by Greenergy’s willingness to engage with its drivers and with the union on safety matters.  It’s an approach others in the industry should follow.”
Andrew Owens added: “Our drivers are obviously best placed to observe potential safety issues as part of their daily routine.  We want to harness that knowledge to deliver safety improvements on an ongoing basis.
“We have an official safety representative for Greenergy Flexigrid at all of our operating centres, but we also encourage all drivers to come forward with observations and ideas at any time.  I personally take a lead on this and aim to meet all our drivers at least once a year.”
The drip trays have already been installed at West Thurrock, Plymouth, North Tees, Eastham and Clydebank and are on order for Grays and Vopak Teesside.