Blackmer – warranty extended on TXD sliding vane pumps

Blackmer TXD sliding vane pump
TXD sliding vane pump from Blackmer
Blackmer has extended the product warranty and performance assurance on its TXD Series sliding vane transport pumps.
The standard warranty—which applies to models TXD2, TXD2.5, TXD3, TXD1220, TXD1225 and TXD1230 —has been lengthened to 60 months from installation or 66 months from purchase. In addition, the performance assurance has been extended from one to two years from installation, or 30 months from purchase.
While there are many competitive copies available worldwide that attempt to duplicate the TXD pump, the company believes that none can match the quality of Blackmer’s American-made TXD pumps. The extended warranty and performance assurance are also set to inspire greater confidence in the product from customers. 
TXD pumps can be configured to efficiently handle many types of products, such as fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, avgas, jet fuel, biofuels, ethanol, petrochemicals, light lube oils and solvents. TXD Series pumps provide fast, quiet, trouble-free operation in transport applications, and have excellent self-priming and dry run capabilities.
More details are available from authorised Blackmer distributors.