Rural energy grid launched in Cornwall with Community Buying unLimited

Rural house
Community Buying unLimited has teamed up with Cornwall Together, which unites the power of the county’s major employers to negotiate with energy companies to achieve the best deals on oil, gas and electricity.
The model, conceived by the Eden Project and launched in late July, includes Cornwall Council, Cornwall NHS, St Austell Brewery, CEP and Unison.
Community Buying unLimited, which is set to manage the oil side of the negotiations, is hopeful of rolling the system out across the rest of the UK very quickly. Founder, Chris Pomfret, hopes that this will help the oil supply industry to keep track of when customers are likely to order more oil, preventing shortages for buyer and supplier.
The model is based on businesses being connected together by Smart Meters, which allows users to keep track, via the internet, of their own energy levels and current information about prices and supplier levels.
However, Kevin Bennetts, owner of Consols Oils, said: “Community Buying unLimited claims to be about to revolutionise oil sales and sort out dishonest inefficient oil suppliers. But to deliver oil you need tankers, and the company doesn’t have any. While he sits and thinks, we are investing heavily in order to serve our customers better.
“Smart meters will see future orders go to the most suicidal quote from a firm that is desperate for work.
“Family firms like Consols Oils work in clearly defined areas where they are part of the community they serve, and have been built up through hard work and dedication. Our biggest asset is our loyal customer base.”
Fuel Oil News will be looking at the scheme in more depth in the magazine, and will be looking for comment from distributors. To comment, please email