New fuelling site installation from Cameron Forecourt helps council become more efficient

Cameron Forecourt’s new fuelling site installation and web-based management system is helping Malvern Hills District Council keep tighter control on fuel supplies and achieve greater efficiency.
The council’s transport team is already benefitting from more accurate management information on fuel movements, stock levels and vehicle performance after the turnkey package was installed earlier this year.
The system comprises a new three-compartment above ground tank for diesel, gas oil and Ad Blue; three new pumps in a security cabinet, and Cameron’s Eclipse web-based fuel management system.
Cameron Forecourt also installed aTLS2 tank gauge and environmental monitoring system, together with a bund alarm, spill kits, lighting and electrical system.
Danny Healey, transport and logistics manager, explained: “The old installation presented a risk that we might have a leak at some stage and lose fuel, together with the potential detrimental effect on the environment. The capacity of just 5,000 litres of diesel meant we had a maximum of one week’s supply on site at any one time, which made us vulnerable to any industrial action or other disruption to supplies.”
The new tank has a 15,000 litre diesel capacity and 2,000 each for gas oil and Ad Blue.
Using the system to monitor vehicle performance, adaptations have been made to increase fuel efficiency. Danny explained: “We have made changes which include the introduction of magnetic devices to the fuel supply on the vehicles which we hope will increase efficiency by 10-12 per cent.”
The link to the monitoring system and safety alarm means the council are in a position to act immediately in the event of a leak or spillage.