Blackmer introduces new sliding vane pump for AdBlue transfer

STX2A-DEF Sliding Vane Pump for Adblue
New sliding vane pump from Blackmer
Blackmer has announced the availability of the STX2A-DEF Sliding Vane Pump, designed specifically for the transfer of AdBlue.
As a result of the 2006 European Euro IV emission-control regulations that limited the amount of nitrogen oxide that diesel-powered vehicles can emit, most new European diesel vehicles feature a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.
AdBlue’s corrosive properties make it incompatible with a wide array of metals, such as carbon steel, copper, zinc, lead and aluminum, or any plastics or metals coated with nickel. If AdBlue is used with any of these materials, trace levels may be found in the fluid, rendering it unusable. In fact, vehicles that use contaminated AdBlue can be susceptible to severe engine and SCR system damage.
The new pumps have been designed with 316 stainless steel, which allows them to meet the ISO 22241 material and cleanliness standards that are required for AdBlue-handling applications. They also provide the lower flow rates end-users require—from 60 to 227 lpm (15 to 60 gpm), and push rods for slower pump speeds from 350 to 780 RPM. There is an internal adjustable relief valve and three drain ports which allow draining in any mounting position.
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STX2A-DEF Sliding Vane Pump for Adblue