Gulf brand attracts more retailers

GB Oils’ road shows for Total network a success for Brian Madderson and Ramsay MacDonald
GB Oils has completed a series of road shows for its Total dealer network where the challenges and opportunities for retailers were discussed and its commitment to supply dealers across the whole of the UK was welcomed.
More than 110 retailers attended events in Birmingham, York and Windsor where Ramsay MacDonald, retail director for GB Oils, presented a case for the Gulf brand as part of the company’s growth strategy.
Guest speaker, Brian Madderson, chairman of the Retail Motor Industry (RMI) Petrol, acknowledged the importance of working closely with an organisation that now accounts for around 25% of the dealer market’s 5500 sites.
“The GB Oils strategy is good for the industry and good for the independent,” he said. “With further investment planned in products, infrastructure and growth, the Gulf brand has huge potential. Most importantly for dealers is a recognisable, reliable brand that provides an all-inclusive deal, offers a full range of products including premium grades, a convenience shops programme, and a comfort factor for the consumer. We face so many challenges, but now is the hour for the good dealer, backed by a supportive fuel supplier.”
Mr MacDonald reported that 15 Total dealers had already agreed to convert to the Gulf brand and said that, following the road shows, the momentum was building and around 45 sites were expected to rebrand to Gulf by the end of the year.
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