Strike over but no room for complacency says Unite

The threat of a tanker drivers’ strike was lifted last week when drivers narrowly voted to accept a new pay and conditions offer.
Unite, which represents 2000 drivers, said 51% of their members had voted to accept the new proposals. Turnout was 69%.
“This narrow vote in favour lifts the threat of strike action, but leaves the companies with no room for complacency,” said Diana Holland, Unite assistant general secretary.
According to Unite, a strike could have hit 90% of the UK’s fuel forecourts, and stocks would have begun to run dry within 48 hours of any action.
The Road Haulage Association is reported to have said “common sense has prevailed”, but added that they were “not out of the woods yet”.
Yesterday, Unite called for the grounding of all Super Puma helicopters which serve oil and gas rigs in the North Sea.  The move followed the ditching of a Bond Aviation helicopter off the coast of Aberdeen last week.  Having completed an investigation into the cause of the ditching, Bond Aviation announced that its full fleet of helicopters would be returning to service over the next 24 hours.
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