Biodiesel plant opens on Merseyside

Agri Biodiesel oil plant opens on Merseyside
The UK’s largest used cooking oil biodiesel plant was opened on Merseyside last week by renewable energy and recycling specialist, Agri. Transport minister, Norman Baker, was a special guest at the launch.
The multi-million pound processing plant in Bootle will be solely dedicated to producing biodiesel from used cooking oil, and will complement Agri’s existing national used cooking oil collection business.
Norman Baker told guests: “The investment made by Agri, and projects like this, can help the UK meet its ambitious carbon reduction targets while creating green jobs to rebuild the economy.
“Biodiesel produced from used cooking oil can be one of the most sustainable biofuels”
“Sustainable biofuels have an important role to play in our efforts to tackle climate change, particularly where there is no viable alternative fuel identified. Biodiesel produced from used cooking oil can be one of the most sustainable biofuels.”
Agri’s purpose-built plant features technology that enables it to produce 16 million litres of EN14214 biodiesel per year.
Plant manager, Eddie O’Reilly, said: “By using ISO 14064 methods, we can measure the carbon footprint of our biodiesel to show at least 90% less greenhouse gas emissions when compared to regular mineral diesel. This makes it the most sustainable type of biodiesel in the world.”
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