The Oil Depot rebrands as Greenarc Fuels

The Oil Depot has rebranded as Greenarc Fuels. This move signifies the company’s official integration into the Greenarc brand, a consecutive entrant on the Times 100 List of Britain’s Fastest Growing Companies.

The Oil depot rebrands as Greenarc Fuels

Strategic move

Recognising the vital role traditional fuels play for many businesses and communities during this shift towards clean energy, Greenarc Fuels will bridge the gap by responsibly supplying traditional fuels alongside HVO and a fuel carbon offsetting scheme.

This strategic move allows Greenarc Fuels to leverage Greenarc’s expertise in clean energy solutions while continuing to offer essential services.

Matthew Crockett, Greenarc’s MD comments: “We have recently joined forces with Zemo Partnership a key organisation driving the UK’s transition to clean transportation. This collaboration perfectly aligns with the rebrand of The Oil Depot to Greenarc Fuels.

“Zemo’s network of industry leaders and policy expertise will be instrumental in shaping regulations that support businesses on this journey. The timing couldn’t be better – Greenarc Fuels is perfectly positioned to empower our customers and fuel suppliers nationwide to navigate the green shift and embrace a more sustainable future.”

Image credit: Greenarc Fuels