There ain’t no party like a Fuel Oil News and Portland party!

The fuel distribution industry is one famous for its strength of community, for the progress it makes in overcoming challenges when it comes together, and for its love of a good party.

Fuel Oil News and Portland After after party 2024

All three were very much in evidence at this year’s hugely successful industry EXPO. Held in Liverpool on the 10th and 11th May, the UKIFDA EXPO delivered, to over 1400 delegates, a sold-out trade exhibition, a quality two-day conference and a fantastic industry awards dinner.

Given this rare gathering of such a large number of the community, Fuel Oil News and Portland joined forces to extend the opportunity to socialise well into the night.

Held at Motel Bar, Liverpool, the After After Party delivered a wonderful end to the first day as those involved throughout the industry gathered to chat, drink, dance and sing the night away.

We hope you enjoy these memories of another fantastic night.

Look out for more memories of the evening in our next issue and let us know if you’d like a copy of your photo:

Thanks for coming along to join us and for making it such a fun and unforgettable event.