Oilfast launches mobile fuel and AdBlue delivery service

Oilfast Express has launched a new mobile fuel and AdBlue delivery service.

Oilfast launches mobile fuel and AdBlue delivery service

The new service is driven by the company’s commitment to providing convenient and seamless fuel delivery services to sites and businesses across the central belt of Scotland.

With a focus on small-volume fuel and AdBlue deliveries, Oilfast Express aims to keep businesses running smoothly 24/7. By offering on-site fuel deliveries, the company ensures that plant machinery, vehicles, generators, and other equipment remain fuelled and operational.

The company supplies fuels directly to sites across all commercial sectors, ensuring a reliable and timely delivery service for critical digital infrastructure, back up renewable and power generation requirements.

Addressing fuel theft

“As a specialist supplier, Oilfast Express understands the unique requirements of various industries,” explains Joe Carroll, Head of Oilfast Express. “We offer secure and efficient diesel deliveries for construction sites, direct fuelling for generators and plant equipment within the rail industry, and swift delivery to outdoor events and facility management sectors.”

“With fuel theft an ever-present fact and on the rise, we recognised that, with frequent small-volume fuel deliveries direct to plant, machinery and kit, companies can avoid the need to install bulk fuel tanks onsite whereby drastically reducing the risk of losing large amounts of money tied up in fuel, damage and also costly spills often associated with theft.

“This valuable commodity is a target for criminals, and securing fuel onsite can be costly; our 4×4 express division removes the need to store large quantities on site, removing the risk.”

The mobile service offers a range of fuels including diesel and HVO with flexible delivery vehicle options to ensure delivery to areas previously thought inaccessible.