In Profile – Mark Deeney, Certas Energy

Welcome to November’s edition of our special monthly feature which gives you the opportunity to ‘meet’ an industry figure and, hopefully, to discover another side to them beyond the well-known facts. This month we chat with Mark Deeney, the recently appointed renewables director at Certas Energy. 

In Profile with Mark Deeney

“Sometimes you learn more by saying ‘no’.”


Please give your career history in 25 words or fewer

Twenty years working in construction and renewables across the supply chain, from manufacturing and distribution to installation, in both a commercial and operational capacity.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Hardworking. Loyal. Practical.

What were your childhood / early ambitions?

To travel the world while still being able to have my career.

Describe your dream job (if you weren’t doing this?)

Owning a bar or a restaurant on the beach and in the sun.

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?

That sometimes you learn more from saying ‘no’.

Share your top tips for business success.

– Work hard, there are no shortcuts in life.

– Always listen to, and learn from, the people you work with.

– Nobody knows it all.

What’s your most recent business achievement of note?

Joining Certas Energy to lead the energy transition and renewables division.

Tell us your greatest fear.

Being trapped in a small space.

Which is most important – ambition or talent?


What’s the best thing about your job?

Being able to proactively help companies to achieve their carbon reduction goals while building valuable relationships with colleagues and customers.

Which is the quality that you most admire?

Honesty and integrity.

What are you most likely to say?

“Yes. Go for it.”

What are you least likely to say?

“It’s not my job.”

Describe your perfect day.

Going for a walk in the countryside with my wife and dog, followed by lunch and a few drinks while watching Ireland play rugby.

Do you have a favourite sports team?

The Irish Rugby Team and Donegal GAA Football team.

What’s the biggest challenge of our time?

Climate change.

Cheese or chocolate?


Share your greatest personal achievement.

Marrying my wife.

What’s your pet hate or biggest irritant?


If you were on ‘Mastermind’ what would your specialist subject be?


If you were elected to government, what would be the first law you’d press for?

Providing more governmental support with energy costs, such as helping with the initial costs for the installation of renewables.

If your 20-year-old self saw you now what would they think?

“Who’s he?”

What is number 1 on your bucket list?

Visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium.

What 3 things would you take to a desert island?

A knife, flint and a hammock.

Tell us something about you that people would be very surprised by

I love heavy metal music and I used to have long hair.

Who would you most like to ask these questions of?

Irish boxing champion Katie Taylor.