Analytical expertise to solve fuel-related problems

An independent consultancy, SMS Analytical Ltd. provides expert chemistry knowledge including for fuels, engine oils, edible oils, and petrochemicals. Analysis offered includes the profiling of fuels, from petrol through to heavy bunkers, for pollution, stability or contamination issues, analysis of fire debris for accelerants or self-heating oils and smoke taint contamination as well as analysis of a wide range of materials.

Established 8 years ago by Mark Simmons and Dr Sheila Marshman (pictured above), chemists with over 40 years of experience, SMS Analytical provides key benefits:

  • The specialist knowledge to solve difficult analyses.
  • A bespoke approach offering flexibility in methodology and interpretation.
  • An information flow to keep the client ‘in the loop’ and up to date.
  • Established Trust – SMS has a proven track record with more than 90% returning clients.

A flexible approach to solving problems

Specialist chemical knowledge allows SMS the flexibility to adapt existing methods or develop new ones where necessary, to provide detailed reports giving clients the information to help solve their problems. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 the company takes organisational quality seriously.

“We enjoy using our experience to investigate and solve new problems because we really enjoy the chemistry and analytical opportunities the business brings,” explains Dr Sheila Marshman, director of SMS. “We also want to give clients the full range of chemical information not just as tables of figures but to provide full profiles and explanations or interpretation where requested.”

Fuel and oil related analyses include:

  • Boiling range.
  • Identification of volatile contaminants.
  • Oil pollution [Nordtest; CEN/TR15522-2]
  • Acidic/basic polar components
  • Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) components.
  • Identification of solid contaminants and discolouration of fuels e.g. yellowing of kerosene and diesel fuel instability.
  • Characterisation of new fuel types (e.g. plant based, HVO, derived from pyrolysis of wastes).

If you have a problem with fire or pollution-related incidents, discoloured or contaminated fuels, or on-spec fuels that nonetheless cause problems in use, contact: or phone on +44 (0)333 358 0037 to see how SMS can help.

You can see examples of analyses at