‘Future Energy’ the theme for the Fuellers Energy Conference

The conference immediately follows the conclusion of COP26 and once again focuses on the theme of ‘Future Energy’. There will be an excellent group of very senior, knowledgeable speakers addressing the most important issues influencing the journey to a sustainable future; including the achievements and failures of the last two years, personal feedback from COP26, a look at what incentives are required in order to achieve net zero, in depth reviews of energy storage, some new energy technologies on the horizon, and finally, a senior economist’s view of the energy future.

Carrie continued: “In the middle of all of this, and reflecting our commitment to education, we are planning on holding the final of our competition offering prizes to young energy professionals and academics for the best new energy ideas.”

Keep an eye out for details of the 2021 conference or register your interest by contacting the Fuellers via the website at