Commercial Fuel Solutions launches unique system

Commercial Fuel Solutions has launched a brand new software platform today, at the first virtual UKIFDA EXPO.

The platform, owned and operated by Commercial Fuels Solutions Ltd, allows users to compare local fuel prices within their specific region, with the aim of connecting Commercial Fuel Solutions’ ever increasing customer base with reputable fuel suppliers.

Users will be able to compare local suppliers of diesel, gas oil, kerosene, petrol, HVO, biodiesel, aviation and marine-grade fuel.
Telling us more about this service, Robin Futcher, managing director, Commercial Fuel Solutions Ltd, said: “Typically, fuel and oil price site look to obtain customers when they are ready to buy fuel and often target domestic users. Not only does our system target commercial users, who require significantly larger volumes of fuel, but our system also introduces products to prospective customers continually during their visit to our website. This ensures that both users’ brand and price is kept at the top of their minds.
“For example, when a potential customer visits our website, they could be looking for anything ranging from a replacement fuel filter to perhaps a consignment of AdBlue. In either instance, they may not even be looking to order fuel. But during their visit, they would be able to access all fuel prices available in their area, with the most competitive rates predominantly displayed at the top of every page on our website.”
In addition to the lead capture function of the site, once reliable relationships have been established with fuel vendors, personal introductions can be made to some of Commercial Fuel Solutions’ larger, legacy customers, who often have annual fuel requirements, exceeding millions of litres.
The perks of using this software platform does not stop with the vendors however. Robin shares some perks that customers can expect too: “There will be instances where the customer may not need the fuel yet but finds the price attractive, in this instance, they are able to request a quotation where our platform captures not only their contact details but also obtains the expected requirement date and storage tank capacity.
“Ultimately this means that the customer can either place an order for fuel at the price indicated, or if they prefer, they can request a quote to refer to when they are ready to receive a delivery.”
Concluding the system launch, Robin says: “Over 92% of our web traffic is from either natural search or returning visitors. We are so confident in our systems ability to vend fuel at minimal cost that we are offering free trials for a 3-month period to UKIFDA members who include renewable fuels within their product offering.
“There is no other system like this available anywhere. Sign up today, before your competitors do.”
Find out more about how to sell on this platform here.