OTS Group delivers solutions for changing fuels

With UK developments in sustainable fuel increasing both the range available, as well as the ways in which they can be used, OTS Group identified the need to ensure that there are appropriate fuel delivery, storage and maintenance systems available for these sustainable fuels. Working with organisations like the Fuel Experts Association (FEA), which represents companies who are developing clean energy and clean liquid biofuels such as HVO, the group has developed its sustainable fuels storage offering.

OTS Group, the UK distributor for the ‘Green’ storage tanks, is leading the way to aid end users with temporary (and permanent) storage solutions for sustainable fuels, which are available for purchase, hire or loan, while they evaluate their desired route for sustainability.
The flagship products are the double-walled polyethylene tanks intended for storage and distribution of HVO (or other biodiesel fuels). These tanks are made of high-quality polyethylene, the main feature of which is resistance to various weather conditions and come with built in dispensing equipment stowed in a secure cabinet.
The AdBlue® tanks are made of special materials compliant with DIN 70 070, a European Chemical Industry standard, due to the corrosive properties of the substance.
“Throughout this constant evolution, innovation has remained the underlying principle to everything we do,” comments OTS Group chairman, Bruce Woodal, and managing director Steve Gain believes that there is a bright future for clean drop-in fuels: “One of the main opportunities for these fuels is that they can be manufactured to directly replace conventional fossil fuels (so called “drop-in” fuels) which means that the uptake is likely to be quick and widespread as it can be used by the existing fleet.”
There are currently in excess of 34 million passenger vehicles on the road in the UK using conventional engines, and more will be added between now and 2035.