Ensuring fleet reliability this winter

Watson Lubricants is helping to keep fleet drivers on the road by protecting vehicles from adverse weather conditions.

Watson Fuels
Available from Watson Lubricant, Texaco’s latest anti-freeze/coolants use cutting-edge Chevron Organic Additives Technology

With cold weather already causing issues for vehicles, high-quality antifreeze/coolants are imperative to help fleets maximise efficiency, saving a business both time and money.
The Wiltshire-based fuels & lubricants distributor offers a range of products to combat issues arising in winter conditions. Going beyond standard-quality anti-freeze/coolants, which can struggle to prevent cooling systems from freezing, these products help maintain compatibility with engine metals.
As an authorised distributor of Texaco Lubricants, Watson Lubricants offers class-leading antifreeze/coolants developed by Texaco’s parent organisation Chevron, which are widely approved by OEMs for use in commercial vehicles and passenger cars.
Texaco’s latest anti-freeze/coolants use cutting-edge Chevron Organic Additives Technology. These combine corrosion inhibitors to protect the numerous metal types found in modern engines, offering extended life protection from high temperatures and corrosion.
“Ensuring the reliability of vehicles is a top priority for fleet managers, particularly in winter when breakdown risks increase significantly,” commented James Joyce, head of lubricants at Watson Lubricants.
“High-quality products, such as Texaco Havoline Xtended Life Antifreeze/Coolant and Delo XLC Anti-freeze/Coolant, reduce this risk and provide advanced protection for the engine and cooling system which is key throughout winter.”
Watson Fuels also offers consultancy services to deliver the right product for a business.