A hike in fuel duty?

Having seen an ‘ill-informed report in the Guardian’ earlier this week,  the FairFuelUK campaign was quick to comment on a ‘hike in fuel duty’ proposed by the think tank, Bright Blue, which it claims was ‘riddled with inaccuracies and emotive statements’.

Sajid Javid

In a forthcoming report – ‘There’s a better way: sustainable, effective ways to lower vehicle emissions without punitive ineffective pay to pollute charges’ the FairFuelUK All-Party Parliamentary Group looks at ‘evidence sourced from Transport for London’s own data that shows NOx emissions were in decline all on their own, without the ULEZ tax’.

Pointing out that chancellor Sajid Javid has promised to continue to freeze fuel duty in the lifetime of this parliament, FairFuelUK’s founder Howard Cox backs ‘technology that exists now, and reducing emissions by making engines cleaner’.

‘We continue to face an out-of-control environmental agenda, with no joined-up thinking and scant regard for technical and practical realities,’ said Howard.

The FairFuelUK All-Party Parliamentary Group report is due to be published in the next few weeks.