HOYER Group wins new aviation business

“Expansion of our involvement in aviation fuel supply is an important strategic step for Petrolog,” said Mark Binns, director of the business unit Petrolog. Credit: AlexeyPetrov
“We are very pleased to be able to add new business that further extends our relationship with long-standing customers,” said Mark Binns, director of the business unit Petrolog. 
In the UK HOYER is reporting positive business developments through the signing of new contracts with Air BP and WFS (World Fuel Services) with TOTAL Deutschland GmbH in Germany, and Valero Energy at Dublin airport.
This year Petrolog was awarded a contract with Air BP for fuel deliveries to 96 airports throughout the UK with HOYER undertaking the whole of Air BP’s delivery logistics, including monitoring of stocks, generating and receiving orders, and delivery.WFS (World Fuel Services) has signed a three-year contract to supply four airports across the north of the UK.
HOYER has been responsible for deliveries to service station networks of BP and TOTAL for many years, and WFS more recently.
Since late August Petrolog has also been supplying aviation fuel on a daily basis to Berlin’s Tegel airport on behalf of TOTAL Deutschland GmbH.
The HOYER Group’s business unit Chemilog also helps to ensure smooth air traffic. During the winter months, the unit not only supplies several airports with de-icing agents for runways, but the division also covers almost the entire Europe-wide logistics for a leading manufacturer of aircraft de-icing agents. Due to the unpredictable and often short-term demand, HOYER offers a 24/7 on-call service and thus guarantees delivery times within a few hours.