Industry unites to discuss the future of liquid fuel heating

OFTEC CEO Paul Rose sees the government’s carbon reduction plans as ‘the chance for the industry to once again demonstrate its proven capability to adapt and reinvent”
The development of a low carbon solution to secure the future of liquid fuel heating will be the focal point of this month’s OFTEC’s 2018 annual conference which takes place at the Hilton Puckrup Hotel near Tewkesbury on Tuesday 19th June
OFTEC CEO Paul Rose will update members and guests on industry’s progress to bring to market a low carbon liquid fuel to directly replace kerosene in support of government’s decarbonisation plans.
“Much progress has been made since OFTEC’s strategy for the future of off-grid heating was officially launched at last year’s conference and AGM,” said Paul Rose.
“A year ago we were talking about plans to develop a low carbon liquid fuel as a ‘green’ alternative for the 850,000 oil using homes in England and Wales.
“Fast forward to today and, following direct engagement with government and policy makers, a joint OFTEC-BEIS industry working group has been established to co-ordinate discussion and action in this area.”
“In partnership with Ecoflam, EOGB and Riello, OFTEC has also begun testing the viability of HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil) as one potential option. At this early stage we’re keeping our options open to ensure we find the right sustainable, cost effective and technically suitable solution for consumers, policy makers and our planet but the initial findings are very positive. Although this process will likely take a matter of years rather than months, OFTEC is keen to introduce a suitable low carbon fuel as soon as possible.”

OFTEC will be joined at the conference by Richard Vianello, renewable heat incentive & heat in buildings deputy director at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS). Richard will discuss current thinking on government heat policy and may be able to reveal some early findings from the recent ‘call for evidence’ on the future framework for heat in buildings.
Dr Ernst-Moritz Bellingen, energy policy director of the German Institute for Heating and Oil Technology (IWO) will also talk low carbon liquid fuel options identified in a study conducted by the University of Freiburg, while Andrew Robertson, co-founder of renewable energy consultancy Clean Energy Consultancy, will talk through the customer journey when opting for a renewable heating solution.

 “Government’s carbon reduction plans for the off-grid sector represent the chance for industry to once again demonstrate its proven capability to adapt and reinvent,” said Paul Rose.
“This is a crucial time for the oil heating sector and we are determined to meet the challenge head on.”