The young people behind the UK’s downstream sector 

A group of young oil industry ambassadors met with the All Party Parliamentary Group on the UK Oil Refining Sector to discuss the future of the industry
In partnership with UKPIA, the All Party Parliamentary Group on the UK Oil Refining Sector welcomed a group of young oil industry ambassadors from across the country earlier this month.  The ambassadors were there to discuss the future of industry within the wider context of a new industrial strategy for the UK.  
Looking ahead, the downstream oil sector is expected to continue powering the UK’s energy needs and mobility for many more years to come and will require the ingenuity, innovation and interest of the next generation of talent. 
This event was a unique opportunity to hear from the young people behind the UK’s downstream oil sector and to increase awareness of future career opportunities to encourage more young talent to choose science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects to drive innovation and energise the UK’s future.  
The event was chaired by the Martin Vickers MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the UK Oil Refining Sector, and led by an expert panel made up of professor Isobel Pollock-Hulf OBE, visiting professor, engineering and design, University of Leeds and Tony Burke, assistant general secretary, Unite the Union.  
“This Future of the Industry event represented an important opportunity to highlight the use of science, technology and innovation in our business and to explore the exciting careers that are on offer for young people in the UK’s downstream oil sector,” said Stephen Marcos Jones, UKPIA’s director-general. 
“I would like to thank the Group and all parliamentarians in attendance for giving us this platform to discuss the talent and skills necessary to fulfil tomorrow’s needs.”  
“This event presented an ideal and timely opportunity to hear from the young people behind the downstream oil industry,” added Martin Vickers. 
“Equipping our young talent with the right skills for the future will be essential to meet current and future skills shortages in this important sector.”