Certas Energy undergoes digital overhaul

Certas Energy has retained Manchester-based creative agency Lda, to overhaul and develop the company’s digital business-to-business, consumer and staff network presence.
Certas Energy supplies billions of litres of fuel in the UK each year and employs 2,500 people. Its digital marketing manager, Michelle Kay, explains the complications of building a digital presence for an organisation of this scale: “With so many stakeholders involved and so many aspects to the core build, we needed an agile development process that could handle regular updates, improvements and changes.
“In an industry that never stands still, this is particularly important, and so during the build phase we need the flexibility to adapt as requirements change. We also, where possible, need to future-proof the core technical specification to cope with inevitable evolution.”
She concludes: “We are at the beginning of our development roadmap and already we are impressed by Lda’s partnership approach. They are taking us through each step in a manageable and transparent way, and involving all stakeholders in a truly collaborative way.”