Award-winning Greenergy

Greenergy has won the Building Public Trust Award for Excellence in reporting in private business for its annual report. The award recognises Greenergy’s fresh approach to corporate reporting, which goes beyond regulatory requirements to ‘tell it how it is’ through a compelling narrative.

“Transparency is part of our company mission and underpins our relationships in all areas of all our business,” said Andrew Owens, Greenergy’s chief executive.

“By being open and honest, we build the trust and long-term loyalty of our key stakeholders. Our annual reporting is an extension of these values.”

Established in 2002 the Building Public Trust in Corporate Reporting Awards (BPTA) were created to reward and celebrate outstanding reporting and now cover the FTSE 100, FTSE 250, private, public and charity sectors. All 18 of the awards presented this year recognise the achievements of organisations that have differentiated themselves through the clarity of their reporting.

“Ever since the awards were launched, the ethos behind them has remained consistent: that open, honest and transparent reporting is imperative for organisations to gain, and build trust in their reporting,” says Alan McGill, PwC partner and sponsor.

“Launched in the wake of scandals such as Enron and WorldCom, the awards have – if anything – become even more relevant over the intervening years, as challenges around trust have risen up the business, public and political agenda.”