Boiler scrappage to tackle air quality?

A broader boiler scrappage scheme is being recommended to improve air quality, following a recently published report from Policy Exchange and King’s College London.

Recognising the benefit of the Boris Boilers scheme launched in February 2016, the report said this welcome start needed to be expanded and refocused in order to maximise benefits in terms of air quality.

The report Up In The Air: How to Solve London’s Air Quality Crisis: Part 2’ suggests a scrappage scheme with a target of replacing 500,000 boilers in London by 2020 and for all boilers to meet the ultra low NOx by 2025.

The suggestion was welcomed by the Heating & Hot Water Industry Council where director Stewart Clements, said: “Despite its significance, combustion from boilers and cookers has until now, rarely been considered when discussing air quality. We know that there are approximately 9 million inefficient boilers in UK homes, contributing to both carbon emissions and poor air quality.

“The delivery of boiler scrappage schemes is tried, tested and successful. This new report recognises this and advocates the creation of a robust boiler scrappage scheme. It calls for grants to be offered to homes and business to upgrade their heating systems. I hope this new report will assist in kick starting a proper and full debate on air pollution and its effects.”

Fuel Oil News is disappointed to report that although Boris included both oil and gas boilers in his scrappage scheme, this one seems to focus only on the latter…. .