Certas Energy reopens vital bunkering facility

Following an intensive three-month redevelopment project Certas Energy has reopened its key bunkering facility on the outskirts of Northampton, increasing the number of operational bunker sites to 13.

Since its closure in October 2015, the site has undergone substantial refurbishment to entirely revamp the facility. The bunker site now offers full accessibility for HGVs, new card readers and AdBlue at pump 24/7.

The redeveloped facility is in a prime location for business fleets, HGV drivers and hauliers in the Midlands and across the central belt of England. Equidistant from Junction 15a and Junction 16 of the M1, the Northampton bunker site will attract local and passing HGV traffic which had limited alternatives for HGV refuelling within the immediate locality.

“We’ve added two significant bunkering facilities to our network in close succession,” said Andrew Goodwin, sales and operations manager. “The first was opened at Harefield in Middlesex in January and now Northampton in February. Our plans don’t stop here. Expanding our fuel cards customer base and network of bunkering facilities is a growth area for Certas; we’re actively seeking to bring on board more bunker sites which, in conjunction with the development of existing sites, is at the heart of my strategic objectives.

“Our decision to invest in the improvements at Northampton, particularly the layout changes, was in response to feedback and demand from customers with large HGV fleets in the area surrounding Northampton. We’ve removed the gate entrance and routed traffic around the fuel tanks with the pumps now located at the exit. With this new layout, we can cater for increased traffic volumes and larger vehicles; we can also accommodate vehicles of any size while vehicles can queue for the pumps more effectively. We’ve learnt from our sister terminals that the installation of an AdBlue dispenser is a welcome addition, again responding to demands of our customer base.”