Business development strategies

Vostock Capital launched its first international free online webinar earlier this month 

More than 150 companies took part in the webinar which was a part of the 4th experience exchange programme – Oil terminal management and logistics for traders – an event that takes place from 1st–3rd June in the Netherlands in partnership with the Ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Industry experts and managers of ports and terminals took part in the webinar which delivered a market dynamics presentation from Patrick Kulsen of PJK International, an experienced analyst and consultant.   Looking at the business management of a terminal, the audience had a chance to learn from the successful development of two ARA region organisations.  Louis Monninkhof, business development director of the Port of Rotterdam and Charles Smissaert, general manager of the Botlek Tank Terminal shared their company’s plans for future development and their opinions as to what makes them  industry leaders.

Among the many questions asked by participants were – how to find investors?; What can be achieved with cooperation between traders and terminals in a low oil price environment?; and Does it make sense to build new tanks if the payback period is 10 years?

Delegates agreed that the event had been an ideal platform to learn more about terminal business development.

Delegates at June’s Oil terminal management and logistics for traders event will not only learn how to manage their business successfully and find out more about building a new terminal, they will also have the chance to visit terminals in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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