New prototype tanker – now in service

A new prototype UNITAS 2020 6-compartment petroleum tanker manufactured by German company Schrader, the first of its kind in the UK is now in service at HOYER Petrolog.

The trailer is designed to carry automotive fuel (UN 1202, UN 1203 & UN 1223), as well as Ethanol (UN 1170) and mixtures of petrol/ethanol (UN 3475). The unit provides a net capacity of 43,000 litres and a tare weight, inclusive of pump, of 5450kg.

“The development of this new prototype is the result of a close partnership with Schrader over a number of years,” said Allan Davison, operations director.

“This ground-breaking tank joins HOYER’s fleet with a number of innovative safety and design features for increased efficiency in supply and delivery and we’re proud to be the first company to bring it to the UK.”

The unique characteristics of the tank include:

  • A cylindrical shape with lower ride height (3.9m) which incorporates a “D” section compartment one with a compartment capacity of 11,000 litres. No roll-over protection is necessary due to the tank’s countersunk man-lids
  • Compartment one run-off pipe mounted internally so protected from the tanker unit during articulation
  • A fully enclosed API cabinet, including drip trays, allowing for a cleaner working area
  • Fully enclosed hose tubes mounted on the n/s and o/s of the chassis, as well as hose tubes underneath the chassis (accessed from the cabinet)
  • Shorter hoses to allow for easier manual handling and a tidier work environment
  • Newly designed Emco Wheaton PGI tumblers with integrated foot valve control buttons

Interested to see how the UK market reacts to this new tanker is Lutz Goesslinghoff, CEO of Schrader who said:

“HOYER is one of our biggest partners. Safety, good ergonomics and efficiency were our key drivers for the new concept. By combining HOYER’s deep knowledge and field experience together with our manufacturing competence we worked together to develop an optimal concept for the UK market.”