A new App for the fuel distributor

A new App designed to save its users even more time and money has been launched by emtoo.

The bespoke business management software package was first developed by Business Systems Services (BSS) almost 10 years ago. Two years ago BSS and its products were acquired by IT and communications company SA1 Solutions. Managing director Simon Ahearne says the company has “subsequently invested heavily in improving and upgrading the package and one of the outcomes of this has been the development of the App.”

“When offsite the App allows users to access the system via a smart phone or tablet computer. This means they can immediately make updates, synchronising data and limiting unnecessary paperwork.

The software platform is already used by Guernsey Petroleum Distributors, Petroleum Distributors (Jersey) and Gas 4 Wales together with new client Oil 4 Wales which recently acquired Powys Petroleum.

“emtoo software has dramatically lessened our administration time,” says John Cherry at Powys Petroleum. The new App means that our people out on the road can get the job done a lot quicker with all information on deliveries automatically updated across all systems.”

More user-friendly

First and foremost, emtoo, which is compliant with the RDCO scheme, acts as an accountancy package, helping distributors manage different VAT rates and other charges and nuances that apply to the fuel industry.

“We’ve invested heavily in emtoo to make it more user-friendly,” said Simon.

“The affordable choice for independent fuel companies for many years, we’ve taken a step further by adding new features including the App and, emtoo boasts a well-staffed customer service hotline with some 20 operators able to help users with queries.