Tankers – keeping track of product

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Drawbar+ – an innovative solution from Emco Wheaton
Drawbar + – a new innovative software package has been unveiled by Emco Wheaton.
Drawbar + automatically monitors product levels in individual compartments of tankers. Versatile and flexible, the software can simultaneously monitor levels within any additional multi-compartmental draw bar trailer which may be connected to and towed by a tanker mid application.
Ineffective monitoring of compartments can result in inaccurate distribution and product recognition at the point of delivery, potentially affecting profit margins and customer relations.
If a two-compartment draw bar trailer is connected to a tanker with four compartments, Drawbar + will immediately begin to monitor and display the product levels in all six compartments.
During loading, details are entered into the litre counter and compartment contents are displayed graphically and numerically. Drawbar + automatically displays the name, location and volume of the product in each compartment throughout transportation.
Helping with accurate distribution, the volume is recalculated throughout the delivery process and any retained product is displayed.
“Drawbar+ is testament to the way we’re always looking for innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We’re very proud of the software as an upgrade that will help customers keep track of their product in even the most complicated circumstances,” commented territory sales manager, Tom Cunningham.