Will the Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP) enhance driver skills or is it an unnecessary addition to the ADR qualification?

Mick Smith, Suckling Transport
“Raising standards throughout the industry can only be a good thing, and by adding PDP to the ADR qualification, the driver will demonstrate their knowledge and skill by taking an assessment. The PDP is supported by the PDP training standard which all tanker operators will be able to use as a basis for driver training/development. The passport will be valid in line with ADR for a 5-year period with each driver subject to an annual refresher day and a written/practical assessment before it is issued.”
Spokesperson, Wincanton
“We will continue to support any initiative that seeks to improve skills and promote a more widespread adoption of professional standards across our industry. The PDP is a positive step in bringing the wider industry up to the same high standards of health & safety and training already provided by Wincanton and a number of other employers in our sector.”
Chris Dalton, Lateu Logistics
“I don’t believe anyone can be critical of any incentive that makes working safer for the employee or the general public at large. I would, however, add that the passport scheme has been driven by unions and larger companies who have in-house training schemes, derived in the first place by major oil companies when they operated fleets directly. Both parties have a vested interest in controlling the market!
“We must consider the smaller operators and local fuel distributors who don’t operate formal schemes. Some parties would argue that they operate unsafely, but these companies have not had a say in the PDP scheme. I’m sure the scheme will heighten the level of driver skill and awareness across the five identified sectors, which is a positive step, but beware the underlying intentions of interested parties.”
“It’s absolutely unnecessary and is purely political following the last union driven strike! This is the result of pure union politics and the outcome is simply reflecting what’s already done with petroleum delivery drivers other than the production of the new passport.”
Richard Green, DHL Supply Chain
“The PDP is designed to link with and enhance the ADR qualification, as well as to contribute to the requirement for Driver CPC hours. The passport is an industry training standard aimed at maintaining and raising the standards within the whole industry.

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