Theft advice to customers

March13 em1 Theft advice
The Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) says domestic oil consumers should be extra vigilant when it comes to safeguarding their oil supply.
The FPS recommends heating oil customers take the following measures:-

  • If your tank has a lid, fit locks. Consumers with the vent and fill design should fit the lockable cap designed to secure this type of container. Of course, locking your tank may prevent your supplier from filling your tank if you’re not at home, so make sure your supplier has a key or code for access.
  • Make sure your oil gauge is correctly attached and in good working order, so that you can monitor any discrepancies. A remote electronic oil level gauge can be purchased that will set off an alarm if the level falls suddenly.
  • If you belong to a neighbourhood watch scheme you can discuss the issue of oil theft with your group co-ordinator so that everyone of the scheme can be vigilant.

Chief executive, Mark Askew, warned that consumers in rural areas may be at greater risk:  “Consumers in isolated locations, especially with tanks sited near the road should be especially vigilant. If you’re particularly concerned, consider relocating your tank to an area that is more secure, remembering to leave it accessible for deliveries.  Fitting CCTV and/or security lights to monitor your tank can also go some way to deterring potential thieves.”