New generation nozzle and system solution

OPW Fueling Components AVANCE dispenser
OPW Fueling Components EMEA has announced that the first fueling nozzles, breakaways and hoses off its AVANCE product family have come off the production line at its European manufacturing facility in Prague.
Following extensive consumer research, the new-generation nozzle and system solution will increase profitability, decrease service and maintenance costs for operators, and protect customers and the environment during the refilling process. The multi-plane AVANCE swivel breakaway has been designed to rotate 360 degrees around its axis and 70 degrees from side to side, offering superior customer convenience and safety.
“We recently featured the new product line up at the Automechanika show in Frankfurt, and the response was extremely positive,” said Fred Hess, director of sales & marketing. “Based on the feedback we received, it is clear that the innovative OPW AVANCE is setting a new standard for fueling nozzles worldwide in regards to safety, customer comfort and durability.”
OPW Fueling Components has  obtained a gloval licensing agreement with Petroman to produce and market all components of the the Total Vapour Solution vapour-recovery system. The company has also  reached an exclusive long-term sales and marketing agreement with Veyance Technologies, the manufacturer of Goodyear Industrial Hose, to act as the sole sales and marketing channel for Veyance Technologies petroleum dispensing hoses and other related products in Europe.