Fuel theft – new tank alarms launched

Apollo Alarms
A new range of anti-theft alarms has just been unveiled at the Oil & Renewable Energy Show  by Dunraven Systems.
The range from the suppliers of Apollo ultrasonic oil level monitors,   offers oil users a choice of four different anti-theft technologies.
A transmitter has been optimised to monitor variances in the level of fuel inside each tank. It screws on easily, with no specialist equipment required. A long life lithium battery is supplied as standard, with an operational life of up to 10 years.
In the event of a theft being detected, the transmitter unit sends an encrypted signal to a remote receiver unit.
Managing director, Gerry Jones said: “The issue of fuel theft has probably never been higher on the agenda of homeowners, householders, fuel distributors and heating oil technicians alike. Recognising that no two fuel storage installations are the same, we’ve launched no fewer than four ways of combating fuel theft, providing the marketplace with a choice of technologies and systems instead of a compromise.”
The company also announced broadband and GPRS versions of its RMS remote tank monitoring system.
The new broadband plugs into existing consumer broadband hubs, while the GPRS option relays data to a modem in the customer’s premises and in turn to the fuel distributor.