Back to basics – M2environmental rebranded as Malary

Malary new name of M2environmental
The company’s new flash evaporation plant is helping it to exceed stringent PFO legislation
M2environmental has recently re-branded, reverting back to its original name of Malary.
Alongside its core business of manufacturing M2 processed fuel oil, Malary also produces cost effective solutions for hazardous waste streams which historically have been sent to land fill or incineration.
To accommodate an anticipated increase in chemists, business and equipment, a new laboratory is currently being built, which will more than double the existing work area. The laboratory was initially installed to provide seven day support to the company’s processed fuel oil production, but in the last six months it has branched out to provide external services. This includes the analysis of processed fuel oil, waste water, used oils, contaminated soils and hazardous waste.
Following a £300,000 investment the company commissioned a new PFO evaporation plant earlier this year. By introducing an additional process, Malary can reduce water content in PFO to as little as 0.1%, whilst also improving fuel quality and increasing production capacity. The investment also included the building of a new control room and the commencement of an automation project.
Operations director, Peter Oxley, commented: “We’re really pleased with the results which show that the time spent on R&D during 2011 has really paid off. This is a major step for the company, increasing production capacity by more than 25%, and moving us one step closer towards full automation.”

Malary new name of M2environmental