World Fuel Services – An expanding presence

World Fuel Services Corporation is a global leader in fuel logistics, specialising in the marketing, sale and distribution of aviation, marine, and land fuel products and related services. Through its global team of local professionals, it offers single supplier convenience: competitive product pricing, trade credit availability, price risk management, logistical support, fuel quality control and fuel procurement outsourcing. 
In the UK, World Fuel Services supplies refined petroleum products, alternative fuels and related services to industrial, commercial and agricultural consumers. World Fuel Services aims to provide an alternative to the traditional fuel suppliers by offering risk management services and alternative pricing options along with the supply of fuel. It supplies both regular commercial grades of fuel and speciality fuels via a network of locations throughout England and Scotland.
Speciality fuels are sold under the Henty brand. These products, which include Furnaceflame Industrial Gasoil, are designed to meet specific industrial applications as competitive alternatives to kerosene, gasoil and fuel oil.
A greater number of supply options
World Fuel Services has expanded its supply base in order to provide its services across a broader geography. Peterhead was added to the list in late 2011. Immingham and Midlands supply options have been added in 2012.
Further supply expansion is under way, with a £10+m investment at itsFalmouthterminal, and a renewed commitment at Simon Storage in North Shields, where the rack loading facilities are being upgraded.
In these times of uncertainty and risk, World Fuel Services aims to provide both physical supply, pricing alternatives and price risk management strategies that others do not offer. Contact the land team on 0207 808 5137.