“Hands free” vehicle ID from Cameron Forecourt

A new automatic vehicle recognition system (AVR) has been launched by Cameron Forecourt, which instantly identifies vehicles at the refuelling point.

The system uses a tag with a unique code which is attached on or near the vehicle fuel filler to communicate with a transponder mounted inside the fuel nozzle. Information is then passed to the fuel island controller via a radio link, which allows fuelling to commence once a positive ID is received.

The German-engineered DervPoint system has been proven in use throughout Europe and is now available in theUKthrough Cameron Forecourt.

The system means the driver does not have to enter data into the fuel island terminal, saving valuable time, and the need for a positive ID removes the risk of “ghost” vehicles or containers being filled illegally.

Because the ID media and the reader are permanent fixtures on the vehicle and in the fuel nozzle head, the risk of loss or misuse is less than with other types of access devices such as smart cards or keys.

The same system can also provide mileage or hours-run information to an additional unit placed in the can, which is powered by the vehicle.

“This system takes away the risk of human error or misuse. Unless the unique ID is successfully registered it will not allow fuel to be drawn and it only allows fuelling while the nozzle is in the neck of the tank,” said Martyn Gent, Cameron Forecourt sales and marketing director.