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Energy Institute launch new human factors awareness course
Under the guidance of the Energy Institute’s (EI) Human & Organisational Factors Committee, a free online human factors awareness training course has been launched.
Understanding how human factors influence performance is a key aspect in preventing and mitigating major accidents within industry, says the EI, and the new human factors awareness course is based on key topics identified by the UK’s Health & Safety Executive.
The course is interactive, and each module takes around 30 minutes to complete, saving progress, and enabling users to return to the course at a later date.
The training is aimed at building awareness of human factors and is intended for those whose work may impact safety, whether directly through their work, or through managing people. On completion of the course, users should be able to identify human factors issues and their potential impact on safety, and understand the range of approaches and solutions that are available to manage these issues.
While the course was originally developed for use by those working in the energy sector, it can be applied across numerous other industrial sectors where safety is of prime importance, says the EI.
The training course can be accessed at
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