UKIFDA welcomes Phil Murray of WCF as its new President

Outgoing President, Rory Clarke of Rix, has been thanked for his dedicated service as the new President is welcomed at the industry association’s AGM.

Phil Murray UKIFDA President stands in front of a WCF truck.

In a statement released today (18 June), UKIFDA has announced the appointment of Phil Murray, Deputy Managing Director of WCF, as its new president, saying: “Phil’s experience in the fuel distribution industry will further strengthen the association’s position as a leading voice in the sector”.

UKIFDA took the opportunity to extend appreciation to Rory Clarke, the outgoing president and Non-Executive Director of Rix. Highlighting his dedicated service and valuable contributions during his tenure, the association reported that “during his stewardship, UKIFDA achieved significant milestones and expanded its influence within the industry”.

Phil Murray was welcomed into his new role with the leading industry body “looking forward to working closely with him to drive the continued success and advancement of UKIFDA and the wider fuel distribution community”.

Phil Murray, Deputy Managing Director, WCF and UKIFDA’s President

Positive development

Ken Cronin, UKIFDA CEO, commented: “Phil Murray’s appointment as the new president of UKIFDA is a positive development for the association and the fuel distribution industry as a whole. In addition to supporting the association’s ongoing initiatives, Phil’s expertise will help ensure the effectiveness of the Future Ready Fuel campaign in promoting new fuel solutions in both the UK and Ireland.

“I also wish to express my gratitude to Rory for his support of the association and me during his presidency tenure. His input has been invaluable, especially during some of the recent challenging moments the industry has faced.”

The association’s Future Ready Fuel campaign made significant progress during Rory Clarke’s presidency, gaining traction and raising awareness about the importance of transitioning towards cleaner fuel alternatives.

Shaping industry future

Rory Clarke responded: “It has been a privilege to have served as the president of UKIFDA, and I am proud of the progress we have made across this changing industry. Supporting Ken Cronin, UKIFDA’s CEO, I am confident Phil will help further propel the industry into its next era.”

As Phil Murray assumes his new position, he shares his thoughts, stating: “I am honoured to take on the role of president of UKIFDA and am committed to advancing the association’s mission of promoting renewable fuel solutions and driving positive change within the fuel distribution industry. I look forward to working with the dedicated members of UKIFDA and playing a part in shaping the future of this industry.”

Image supplied by UKIFDA