Case Study

Driving customer satisfaction through digitalisation

For months now, the downstream market has been disrupted by various influences. In response, distributors are adapting, and embracing technological advancements is one route to their ability to remain competitive and meet the ever-changing demands of their customers.  

Driving customer satisfaction through digitalisation


NWF Fuels supply a diverse range of customers, from domestic to agricultural, commercial and retail sectors. With an unwavering commitment to customer service, the leading fuel supplier, has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence. However, in the face of ever-evolving customer expectations and market dynamics, the need to harness innovative technology became evident.

Looking to optimise

Recognising the potential to enhance their services, improve customer experiences and optimise sales and logistics, NWF Fuels decided to invest in a digitalisation project and, in 2020, forged a partnership with FoxInsights, European market innovator in remote monitoring intelligence for heating oil, diesel, lubricants, LPG, pellets, and waste oil.

The partnership with FoxInsights presented the opportunity that NWF was seeking to enhance their offering and streamline operations. The primary objective was to provide added value services to customers while simultaneously optimising sales and logistics processes. The key to achieving this was data—more specifically, data-driven decision making.

The outcomes

By leveraging FoxInsights’ remote tank monitoring technology, NWF Fuels gained valuable insights into customer tank fill levels. This data was then carefully analysed, enabling NWF to make more accurate business decisions. For the sales department, this meant proactively contacting customers at precisely the right time, catering to their specific fuel needs, and fostering stronger relationships.

The fill level overview provided by the app ensures customers never run out of fuel unexpectedly, eliminating inconveniences and potential downtime. One of the most valuable results of the partnership with FoxInsights for NWF has been the introduction of Automatic Refill Agreements. The new service, empowered by the data-driven insights, has been a game changer for customer convenience.

The experience

Lucy Jenkin from NWF Fuels shared: “At NWF Fuels, we utilise the products and services provided by FoxInsights to enhance our “Priority Club” customer experience in which our customers put their fuel supply into our hands.

“The FoxRadar device gives us, as a business, the ability to allow our customers to have a ‘hands-off’ approach and to take a step back from the worry of their home heating. This has proven popular with our customers and allowed us to reach a wider demographic with our domestic fuel supply. It is a pleasure working with FoxInsights, and their support aids us in providing the high standard of customer service that we strive to achieve at NWF Fuels.”

As businesses across various sectors seek to adapt and thrive in the digital age, the NWF Fuels and FoxInsights collaboration is a great example of how technological advancements and data-driven strategies can revolutionise sectors. To remain competitive and future-ready, it is imperative that companies embrace digitalisation. The fuel distribution industry, in particular, can draw inspiration from NWF Fuels’ success story, and the potential investment in technology has to drive efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and create a sustainable future.