Fuel distributors improve profitability by harnessing customer data

Fuel oil distributors can drive huge improvements in their operational efficiency and potentially become more profitable by encouraging customers to install telemetry monitoring onto their oil tanks.

That’s the message from Kingspan Energy Management Systems who will be showcasing their latest generation of telemetry devices at Stand 128, UKIFDA EXPO 2022, at the Exhibition Centre, Liverpool (27-28 April 2022).

Harnessing Customer Data

EXPO attendees will be able to see demonstrations of the company’s industry-leading Watchman telemetry range including:

  • Watchman Radar:  reads a tank level without the need to drill a hole, which makes it an ideal solution for plastic tanks owned by domestic customers
  • Watchman Flo:  intelligent level and flow management system, allowing remote pump control, level management, leak detection, and much more. It also can measure many liquids across a range of connectivity
  • Watchman SENSiT: helps end-users stay informed and check their tank levels from anywhere with the SENSiT smart tank level monitor
  • Connect Sensor: the platform gives FODs total control and visibility over all areas of their business, helping to monitor costs, energy usage, review bespoke reports, harness customer data, and much more

Visitors to the stand will be encouraged to explore and interact with the data from the Watchman on a touchscreen TV – coffee and refreshments will also be provided!

Increased efficiency

A telemetry device fitted to a customer’s tank enables the FOD to remotely import data about their oil level onto their software systems – typically CODAS & Fuelsoft (no need for file sending).  The system will automatically flag any tanks that need refilling and generate a ticket.  The data can also be exported and mapped through Kingspan’s secure Connect Sensor platform (see above).

“Data from smart telemetry devices is now being used by FOD customers to reduce their delivery frequency and optimise routing,” says Nick Hawkins, Kingspan’s commercial director UK & Ireland.  “It cuts travel time and left-on-boards.  But just as importantly, it also improves vehicle fleet efficiencies, helps with customer retention, and lowers the company’s carbon footprint.”

He continues, “Not only do we have the most accurate and cost-effective solutions on the market, but they also fit any application from plastic tanks, steel tanks, domestic, commercial, diesel dispensers, to mobile bowsers.”

Kingspan’s telemetry devices are compatible with a range of connectivities such as 2G, 3G, NB-IoT, LoRa & SIGFOX. 

Are you HVO ready?

Another area that the Kingspan team will be happy to discuss with visitors is the emergence of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as an alternative, low-carbon fuel.

HVO is attracting huge interest both because of its vastly reduced carbon content (around 88 per cent below kerosene) and because it is fully compatible with existing oil-fired boilers, making it easy for property owners to switch to a greener fuel. 

All Kingspan’s domestic oil tanks are HVO-ready.

“HVO has huge potential as the energy industry looks to lower its carbon footprint,” says Nick.  “The only real barrier to its wider uptake is the cost – it’s about twice the price of kerosene.  But we can see this coming down as demand increases.”